The Wave

Dearest light brothers and sisters, ❤

Something is building. I’ve been feeling it coming for a few weeks now, have had visions both during waking times as well as in my sleep and confirmations on the outer too. I’d like to tell you about it but cannot possibly guarantee that this is so for us all. As always, I feel we should always be centered in our own Truth and see if this resonates for you first and foremost. But if this is about to unfold, I feel to share this with you so you can perhaps consciously align yourself with your Highest Joy and Peace as we move through this.

People are talking about an energetic wave, a Galactic wave of light that peaks, or I should say might possibly peak, this Sunday on the 18th! This coincides with our new moon on the 18th and the Autumn Equinox (a time of balance) on the 21st.

I’ve been both blissing out and have had some interesting feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious, mental and emotional too. This anxiety has been coming up because I feel and see a fork in the road for me. A conscious choosing that requires me to let go of some habits that have held me locked in patterns of looking for love and confirmation outside of myself. I’ve been feeling this deeply lately and my ego has been resisting letting these go, because they felt so pleasurable but the old 3D patterns will simply no longer be supported by my Higher Self on those levels. My Higher Self is saying; you’ve had your Learning there. You’ve unified all there was to unify. Now it’s time to step it up. Step into your Mastery. Transparency is the only game to play now. This is automatically aligned with my Highest Joy so I have really nothing to worry about but the ego is a creature of habit. And thinks it’s protecting me by digging in its heels and thinking up worst case scenarios!

For me this was mostly about how I relate to the Divine Masculine and how I felt I needed to get my Love and approval through them and through unconsciously giving away my sexual/creation energy in order to be loved. There was a separation in sex and love from a very deep and ancient core wound to do with separation of the male/female flame. And the lifetimes of searching that followed for the Twin Flame reunion. A longing that I filled through food and confirmation, mostly in my sexual relationships. Sacral chakra desire stuff. Addictions.

Now the integration process and the Divine Union of both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine has taken place inside of me, my ego is having to release its deepest fears. In some ways it’s the death of the ego.

Yet I have to protect, nurture and grow this seed inside my heart that says, I already am complete. I have all I need inside of me. I am whole onto myself

So now this Ascension wave. It’s possibly a massive influx of light (already rolling in) coming from our alignment with the Great Central Sun Sirius, and it’s building in momentum. Scientist are talking about solar flares, magnetic changes in earth’s fields etc, etc.

People are talking about being prepared physically; have enough water, food etc for a couple of weeks? In case the power goes off… But also, about how Amazing it will possibly feel at its peak moment like a deep profound moment of healing. A blissing out experience, a home coming for some, an awakening for those of us who have been deep asleep and many different stages in between and on both ends…

I feel whatever transpires, it is important to align ourselves with Source, our God Self, Heart Consciousness the coming time and to stay vigilant (aligned with your inner observer) so you can continue to release by loving & accepting what comes up that no longer serves. I’m personally not too hung up on the date of this Sunday the 18th. Because from a God Self level, it’s our creation. We have to be completely aligned. So, let’s see what unfolds and when. Focus on your heart and listen to its soft yet strong voice that asks us to focus on what we love to do, how we can serve? What is the priority for us now, what new direction do we choose for ourselves and how does this support the growing consciousness on and for this planet. Let yourself be supported by the Ascension wave to step into your ‘place of standing’ and move more or even fully into your light!

What do you like to do, how do you participate, what can you offer? If you are unsure go back to your childhood and think about what brought you great joys as a child… For me that was playing star ships, building tents & tipee’s, dressing up, putting fake bandages around my family’s arms and legs, making mud and grass potions and playing outside

This gateway is a period of empowerment. We are needed!!! You are needed!!!


I just had an inspirational moment in the shower  We are the Ascension wave!!

This is not only happening on the Outer but we are The Ones Ascending and so we are calling it in!! It’s our own God light that is returning to us as we are returning to It!

We Are The Wave People!!! That’s why it so important to align to our Highest Selves right now and only Focus on the Highest in Others. The wave is happening because we are happening. We are aligning to our Selves! And the more we do this Collectively the bigger the wave swells and the momentum will build until it rolls in!! We are all doing this together!!!

Ahhhhhhh how beautiful!!!!

Loving Blessings, Arayah

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