‘Readings’ in the form of Soul to Soul Guidance & Counselling Sessions

The ‘Reading’ sessions are offered as a form of Healing. You might be in need of a Higher Perspective on a situation in your life or would like some suggestions from Spirit on how to improve a relationship or a health condition, or you might need some Guidance and Reassurance after a loss for example.

A session involves intuitive/channelled messages & Higher guidance from Spirit in a Soul to Soul communication. Arayah might make use of cards to tune in initially and will invite Spirit, in the form of Higher Christed Lightbeings, and the Client’s Higher Self to communicate to you through her. Arayah usually covers the topics of Health, Relationships, Work & Soul Alignment and Manifesting Abundance. These readings vary according to personal needs. They are always meant to guide and point towards Higher Paths aligned with Soul Learning and Higher Will and are never meant as a form of Fortune Telling or Predicting the Future. Arayah feels strongly that each Soul creates their own future by making different choices in any given moment and that there are no right or wrong decisions, only different learning opportunities. Therefore, these sessions focus on giving a Higher Perspective and offer Suggestions, Positive Affirmations to work with, or Options that the client might not have considered before.

Sometimes departed loved ones will ask to come through as well with uplifting, inspiring messages & advice. Because of the (often) close connections with the client, this can be very inspiring and to the point and perhaps provide you with feelings of closure, relief and hope…

A Soul to Soul Guidance Session will take up to one hour and can take place in person here on site, or can be done over the phone or via an online connection like Skype, Zoom or FaceTime for example. The costs are $70 NZD. Sessions can be recorded if requested up front; with additional costs of $10 for online sharing via a platform called Dropbox and $20 extra (+P&P) for CD recordings.  The Total Amount needs to be paid up front when booking a Distance session via any electronic means.

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