About the name ‘Arayah’s Compass’

The name ‘Arayah’s Compass’ came to me one day whilst looking at the painting of my Seal/Lineage Symbol (that is also my logo now) that had come through to me from Spirit.

I was pondering the various lines and realised the Star resembled the points of a Compass with me belonging very much at its centre.

This was a confirmation to an earlier vision I had years ago when I first started on this spiritual path. In this vision I was at a white desk at the centre of a round or perhaps octagonal looking building with various tunnels leading off it. It was very light and bright and looked a little like an airport terminal with lots of people coming and going. They were all carrying items of luggage; a variety of shapes, weights and dimensions.

Some people came to me to lighten their “luggage”, some came to ask for directions or confirmation, some came to enquire about “the lost and found” and some came to share their experiences and their “travel stories” with me to broaden my horizons.

This beautiful vision has stuck with me through the years and of course I had to grow into my role at the centre of that “Airport” and am still doing so. But as much as this is true for me, it is also so that each and every one of us has their own internal compass. Arayah’s Compass refers to my internal guidance system, my intuition, my Higher Senses… I endeavour to do my very best to assist in whatever I can help you with, but ultimately, I can only point you in the right direction so you may grow and refine your own internal guidance system.

There are no teachers, no books, no web pages, no courses that know better than You and Your own internal compass in terms of what is best for YOU! They can only ever point you in the right direction. And ultimately there are no questions you can ask, to which you cannot find the answer within yourself. You are your own guru! And your own Soul is calling in what You need!

I feel very blessed to be doing my Soul Work, and some may say I’m gifted. But I see so many incredibly gifted people around me that I have no doubt that we are all gifted. We are all gifted with a particular set of skills that give us the best possible tools to be able to do our Soul Work in this life time. But to be able to use them we need to do the work ourselves; it’s up to each and every one of us to discover them, polish and utilise them so we may shine brightly and ultimately help each other do the same.

In order to find our own particular set of skills we are all gifted with Higher Senses and Intuition.

And it is my absolute pleasure to offer you my assistance through the lens of ‘Arayah’s Compass’ to help you awaken & develop these and learn to Navigate with your own Internal Compass. 🙂