∞ Personal Coaching & Consult Sessions


Clarity of Mind, Recognition & Integration of Learning…..


As we are now moving fully and rapidly into the New Earth paradigm, there will be a need for those already consciously working with their Light to communicate, be listened to, understood and given occasional or periodical Higher Mental advice & assistance in order to make sense of things and so that the Mind remains balanced and focused on the Highest learning & outcomes. And so we are excited to offer these Coaching & Consult sessions, that you can think of as thorough Mind Resets/Mental body re-alignments; keeping you balanced, focused on the Higher Learning and aligned to the fifth dimensional New Earth paradigm. 

During a Coaching & Consult session you will be able to discuss with Arayah what is coming up for you in terms of challenges, viewed through the perspective of learning opportunities for your Soul. Arayah will assist by offering Guidance from a Higher Perspective as a ‘Soul to soul mirror’; in order for you to get clarity, distill the learning from what is currently happening in your life, and refocus your direction into Alignment with your Highest Path and the New Earth Paradigm.

Keep in mind that these sessions are not healing sessions, so no actual Lightbody activations or energetic re-programming will be offered. Yet as they offer guidance to elevate to a Higher Mind perspective, they will as such still re-align you mentally and activate your own inner Healing Light from a Self Empowered Position!

Each session is Self-guided by you and offered as a co-creation (through the filters of our God Selves & Higher Selves), and so topics will vary according to your needs. The sessions can be given onsite or as a distance session (via online video connection). Online video sessions can be recorded as well, and the recording will be shared with you afterwards. They are each a maximum of 1,5 hours long, but several shorter session options are available too. As well as two different ‘better value for money’ package options. Please see below for the links! 

In each session we will generally cover;

  • Discussion Time to convey, summarize and distill the current learning.
  • Relevant Coaching Support, Higher Wisdom Teachings, Consult & Advice coming through from the Higher Realms (and our Higher Selves) to support you with whatever you are currently going through and are learning about your Self.
  • And after each session you will also electronically receive any current & corresponding Collective Templates* for you to keep & work with as guided.



*Templates are High Vibrational Light Programs channelled and made visible (through digital art in this case) for specific parts of the bodyfield, designed to bring balance and align you so that you can interface with a Higher Dimensional reality. When you consciously work with them (through mediation or via a Healing session with Arayah for example), they integrate with your bodyfield and you will begin to notice positive changes in your thinking, health and everyday manifested reality for example.



Please check out the different Coaching & Consult Session Options here;


For a 30 minute NZ$44 Personal Coaching & Consult Session, please click here…

For a 60 minute NZ$80 Personal Coaching & Consult Session, please click here…

For a 90 minute NZ$117 Personal Coaching & Consult Session, please click here…

For a 5 Session NZ$555 Coaching & Consult Package, please click here…

For a 10 Session NZ$999 Coaching & Consult Package, please click here…