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As a Visionary Healer I see Art as a way of conveying not only a feeling & message, but also as a means to project an energetic imprint (vibrational pattern), that can enable us to come back into balance. Via the colours, patterns and imagery used, Art offers a resonant frequency, and as such a New Story, a Light-encoded Map for the Soul that can inspire, uplift, heal and change the course of our lives for the better.


I’m passionate about bringing Spiritual Art to people and spaces, using various mediums & techniques. Lately digital art has really grabbed me as a powerful new creative outlet for my soul work. Working digitally has added to the way I work, in that it allows for really cool graphics, symmetrical effects and direct application in our online social media and online shopping facilities. 


All my Art comes through the lens of my Higher Self, and often comes in the form of Templated vibrational patterns or ‘Templates’. These are High Vibrational bio-holographic Light Constructs/Programs, that can be channelled and made visible to the physical eyes through art, for specific parts of the body field. These Templates are designed to bring Activations that balance and align you, so that you can interface with a Higher Dimensional reality. You could liken them to a software upgrade for a computer, but then for the Luminous Field (the energy centres, meridians, lightbody scaffolding and subtle body layers in and around your physical body).

When you consciously work and come into contact with this Art (through meditation and visualisation for example), these new Light Programs activate & integrate within your Bodyfield, and you will begin to notice positive changes in your thinking, health and everyday manifested reality for example. Read more about what Templates are and how to integrate the healing they offer here…


The work that I’m presenting via Redbubble are some of my pieces that I believe work well on the products Redbubble provides, turning them from ordinary every day items into more meaningful belongings.

For purchasing the digital formats of each Template (available both in printing and online publishing format) and for more information on what each Template brings through energetically; please see here… 


My hope is that you love these co-Creations as much as I do. And that by purchasing and sharing my work via media like this, together we can bring humanity back into balance. I love the magic that unfolds when I’m in the flow of my inner creative space! My biggest goal would be to inspire you to not only self-heal, but also to let your own inner creativity flow, so that together we may co-create a new future for us All on this beautiful planet!


Creative Blessings,




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