Home, Workspace and Land Clearings & Activations

Have you ever had that feeling that something just wasn’t quite right when you entered a house or arrived somewhere? Maybe the energy felt “heavy” or you all of a sudden felt unwell, emotional or felt strange bodily sensations…

The Truth is that most people don’t consciously clear up their residual energies after they’ve been somewhere. And mostly that’s okay, but if something emotional or even traumatic has taken place, the building and/or land where that took place “remembers” the event. In fact, all occurrences of time/space are “recorded” in the fields/lattices that make up that dimensional storyline/timeline/dimension. But in the case that the remembered event was fear-based, the memory is “denser” e.g. of a lower vibrational frequency. And this creates a strongly felt energetic storyline imprint that replays itself over and over in a storyline loop. This can affect us negatively when coming into contact with that energetic imprint afterwards.

Most people are affected by their environment, but many do not recognise this (e.g. are not consciously aware of this and are not sensitive enough to feel this in their field).

Now on top of these “energetic imprints” in buildings or land, one can be affected by “trapped” souls. These souls, who are really the disincarnate versions of us in our Spirit bodies, are not really trapped but cannot see their “doorway” to the light of their matching dimensional plane of awareness. This can have various reasons. It could be because they have a feeling of unfinished business on this Earth Plane where we exist in the manifested. For example, they might feel the need to communicate something to their loved ones they left behind. Or maybe heavy emotions such as guilt, grief, unforgiveness or intense fear prevent them from experiencing the love and light that’s available for them and keep them “locked” in their individual storyline loop in a fourth dimensional plane close to our earth reality, where they replay the event that caused them to feel these emotions over and over. Sometimes the disincarnate soul also does not realise he or she has passed over or needs time to come to terms with what happened or does not want to leave their home or last place of incarnation for various other reasons…

In most cases people live alongside disembodied souls quite happily and unaware. But for energy sensitive people or in the case of “upset disembodied souls” this co-existing can be rather unsettling. The people in question might need some help clearing their living environment and the “trapped” souls might need some help finding their way to the Light.

Arayah offers these ‘Clearing’ Services, in that she is able to Unify the individual storylines plugged in their timeline matrix and offer any disincarnate Spirits a Path back Home. She naturally navigates the various dimensional pathways and highways within the Quantum Field and has an innate knowing of planes of existence, parallel timelines, portals and access points.

As part of her Service Work Arayah also works on Gaia’s Crystalline Grid when guided, working with leylines, portals and activational sites.

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