What are Luminous Templates?


Luminous Templates are Higher Consciousness Tools, Light programs for Healing, Chakra balancing & Activating the Chakras (& connected subtle bodies) on a Higher Vibrational Level.

They can be used by Practitioners and Individuals alike.


There is so much more to our Luminous body than most of us realise. It is time now to expand our knowledge and share, learn and remember the more complex dynamics of our energetic make-up. We are all being given the opportunities to expand our Consciousness and grow our Light Quota. 

Therefore, we are now being taught, by our future (Higher) Selves, the more complex topics of Light Dynamics, such as;

Frequency modulation, expansion of our Luminous Field in order to interface with Higher vibrational realities, Ultra-Consciousness Light Tools and reconnecting our Light Filaments & DNA strands for example.

And these Templates are part of those Light Tools; they give us the opportunity to activate our Lightbody and Chakra system in order to Unify our duality programs and embody our Higher Aspects of Self.



Luminous Templates are High Vibrational bio-holographic Light Programs channelled and made visible (through digital art in this case) for specific parts of the Bodyfield.

They are designed to bring balance and align you so that you can interface with a Higher Dimensional version of your Self. And they can be likened to a software-upgrade for a computer but then for the Luminous Field. 

When you consciously work with these Luminous programs (through meditation or via a Healing session with me for example), they integrate within your Bodyfield and you will begin to notice positive changes in your thinking, health and everyday manifested reality for example. 

These Templates are aids from the Shining Ones working to establish the Christed Consciousness back on earth. The Elohim, The Arcturian healing teams, the Sirian, Lyran, Pleiadian and Alpha Centaurian delegations and many other ambassadors, emissaries, enlightened Ones, Ascended Masters, Avatars, Star alliances, elementals and choirs of Angels are coming together with us Lightworkers now. Spirit describes it as legions of light. Literally!!! This is a time of liberation. This is our time to assist in the unfoldment of the Divine Plan for Mother Earth. (Things may look bleak from a duality perspective, but know that we are in the midst of an Ascension event!)

Some of the Templates work really well as a set (like my New Earth Chakra Template Set) or as a sequence (to counter the current Covid-19 fears for example, or for a step-by-step chakra and corresponding subtle body upgrade). Whilst others are very specifically created to target certain Collective or Personal old patterns/beliefs held within the light scaffolding of your field. 

Disease, as a whole, is an effect of an imbalance somewhere in your field; an illusionary mantel of adopted beliefs (about yourself and your world) around the Core of Purity (The Divine Spark) within every Cell, Molecule, Atom and Subatomic particle within your being. And so, these Light Creations aim to restore and re-align to the Original Divine Plan within. This happens through a process called Entrainment. The Sacred Geometric patterns within the Luminous fields of our etheric Body get activated and follow the patterns of these Higher Frequency Blueprints. (Everything in Nature allows for & automatically aligns to/gets drawn to the Highest Frequency on offer!)

When working consciously with the Luminous Templates, they WILL bring up any old mis-qualified and misaligned personal and lineage patterns that are not serving anymore! This process will dislodge you from the old illusionary Collective duality consciousness and align you to The New Earth paradigm both within and without. 

Often, when so guided, I share certain Templates freely via Social Media to use for us all.

As they have come from our brothers and sisters of the Light in the unfoldment of the Divine Plan, I would love for you to check them out and work with them! But I do ask that when sharing via Social Media, you include the correct descriptions with them (as described below each picture) and that any sharing or posting is only via the ‘share’ button so that the entire post is shared as a whole and includes a reference to me. This way the integrity of the Work remains intact. Please also honour my pure intention and do not screenshot, copy or otherwise share any of my Templates or Activational Art pieces from my website or elsewhere published without my permission (if you ask, I will usually be happy to accommodate anyway😉). And in the same way, please do not copy, distribute or sell these on your behalf. They can only be used and shared consciously through your I Am Presence and with the Highest intention! 

Below I explain how to best integrate the Healing programs these Templates offer into your Lightbody and offer various suggestions of other ways you can use them for your Healing Journeys.

I am happy to explain more (drop me a message via my site or social media, or contact me via email). I am also available to bring through your own personal Template/Activational Art and/or offer help in (paid) one-on-one sessions, if you need any assistance with integrating, activating & anchoring them within your field. 

For the practitioners amongst us; I do also have other specific sets of Templates available (contact me for any enquires and purchases). And I will soon have an arrangement of my Activational Art Tools & Products available via this Website! 😊



Suggestions for Working with Luminous Templates


Integrating, Activating & Anchoring


One of the best ways to integrate these Healing Templates, is by Consciously connecting with them in Meditation;


Place the Template you wish to work with in front of you (for example on your Spiritual Altar), and enter into a Meditative state, breathing consciously as you proceed (in for uptake, out for release).

Establish your ‘Column of Light’; connecting your Heart Light upwards to the Heart of Creation (Source) and then downwards to the Heart of Mother Earth (you can refer to the accompanying Chakra Chart here for a visual, and I am happy to explain more if you contact me). This ensures that you are connected through Your Highest embodiment to your Highest Aspect of Self, in co-creation with your Lineages of Light (Your Multi-dimensional Aspects of Self) and Blood (Ancestors).

Then align your Consciousness (Higher Mind/Sacred Heart) with the Heart of Creation/Source and begin to receive/uptake and integrate The Luminous Program that the Template offers telepathically (via your Mind, Higher Senses, Inner & Outer Eyes) and by connecting energetically to it with your Heart Consciousness.

Feel the energetic transfer being uploaded into your Luminous Field until the Light-program is fully integrated. In this process anything that doesn’t vibrationally align to this Higher Light program, automatically unifies within and retreats back to Source (leaves your field).

Stay in deep meditation until you feel the ‘upload’ is complete.

Then recite the accompanying Activational Affirmation (if there is one; you often find those on the back) 3 times out loud as an incantation. This activates the embodied program within your Field.

Now Consciously anchor the New Light Program by grounding yourself; ensuring you are ‘planting’ this New Reality for yourself, by connecting (from your Sacred Heart) into the Core of Purity within the Sacred Heart of Mother Earth.

When finishing, you can affirm this process is complete by saying to your Self; “And so it is! So it is! So it is!”


Trust that this whole process happens in Divine Perfection (through the filter of your GodSelf/Monad and to the Highest Good of All involved!



Other ways of working with The Luminous Templates


  • In a Healing Session; placing under a healing table in the corresponding locations


  • Placing on your Spiritual Altar


  • Hanging in a visible spot in your Home in order to visually uptake on a daily basis


  • Placing under the bed or on your bedside table in order to heal certain issues in your sleep


  • Working with the Templates in order to Intentionally Manifest (especially the Solar Plexus one for Abundance for example, and the Earth Star one for New Moon Intentions)


  • Charging your water, essences and other drinks by placing them on the Templates in order to imbue them with the healing vibrations (aligning to those Chakras you are creating your elixirs for)


  • Working with Chakra Stones (crystals & gems that correspond to the Chakras) and ‘The New Earth Chakra Templates’ to intuit & correct chakra imbalances, do “readings” and at the same time rebalance/re-align yourself and others


  • Healing your animals, pets… etc. 😊



If you need any assistance in integrating, anchoring & activating them within your field, please don’t hesitate to contact me!



Happy Healing Journeys


Loving Blessings in the One Heart,



Arayah Ayana Surima