Who is Arayah


Arayah Ayana Surima (neé Jeanien van Nuenen) is a Star-seeded Lightbearer, a Visionary Healer and Highly intuitive and empathic Channel for Higher Christed Consciousness. She is Clairaudiant and Claircognizant but particularly developed in the areas of Clairvoyance and Clairsentience. Her Soul is an interdimensional & intergalactic Star Traveller, born into this incarnation in the Netherlands, on the 25th of July (the Day Out of Time according to the Mayan Calendar) 1973. Arayah has fully integrated many Multi-dimensional Aspects of Self and thus has very refined receptors in her nervous system that help her perceive and channel subtle energies accordingly by intercepting, refining and directing them within her body, i.e. like a “transducer”. She has an innate knowing of navigating parallel timelines and dimensional planes, portals and access points of the various energy pathways and highways within the body and within the Quantum Field. She re-awoke fully to her Spritual Path after arriving in New Zealand in May 2001. She started seeing and communicating with Spirit again; something she had done naturally as a young girl (when she used to have various out-of-body experiences), but had closed herself off from since.

Life presented her with various health and relationship trials/opportunities as mirrors of herself. So that she could gain understanding in the mechanics of Health (Wholeness) within herself and within it’s many Expressions of Source Light as part of the Quantum Field, learn to navigate the Spiritual Dimensions and obtain an understanding of Earthly & Universal energies. And so the learning path continues under the watchful and ever-loving guidance of her Spirit Guides, Mentors and Higher Self.

Today she operates a Healing Practice called ‘Arayah’s Compass’ from Kawerau, New Zealand, working with the Ascended Masters, Angelic & Earthly Realms and the Living Light Councils & Custodians of the Christed Consciousness both off and on the planet, both in body and in Spirit. Arayah feels very blessed to be able to live her dream and follow her greatest passion in life;

“To work as a New Earth Healer & Shaman on a Unified Soul level, to assist and empower Individual Souls on their journeys towards Higher Consciousness & Light Mastery. For the greater good of All and specifically Humanity’s Collective Consciousness, Gaia and her many children, in co-creation with Beings of the Higher Light Octaves.”

Arayah about being a Healer;

“I do not heal you, I am merely a mirror of you, reminding you of your own innate capacity to heal yourself! I do not see myself as inherently separate from you, but as the same Source Light making up the vast Web of Existence and on that occasion, the momentary conduit or channel for bringing Divine Light and Love from your own God Self as your own Soul calls for. My task is to strive to be the clearest & purest channel I can be at the time. In any case healing only takes place to the extent that you can accept & integrate it on the levels that make up your being. So you release & receive only that which you are ready for and always in Divine Perfection according to the Divine Plan and to Highest Good of All Involved.”

-Arayah Ayana Surima-