This is your final wakeup call

Mother Earth to all her children; “This is your final wake-up call!”


A bit of a heavy topic I’m afraid, but also one with an important message, a message of hope.

I was out and about the other day; enjoying the beautiful weather here in our beautiful country Aotearoa. Such a gorgeous sunny day with a light breeze. A beautiful “blue sky winter’s day”! All the animals were having a happy time playing in the sun, the birds were singing. So good for the soul! I was smelling the clean forest air, hearing the sounds of birds and nature, watching water rushing down a water race, once used in the Kauri logging days, when this valley was still adorned with magnificent Kauri trees.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. It felt peaceful and healing and balanced.

Yet I know that even here in New Zealand we are struggling with declining populations of animal species, whereas some introduced species seem to be thriving. There is debris washing up on our shorelines, drinking water health concerns in certain areas of our country, and diseased vegetation in some parts of our native bush. Our Ecosystem is out of balance, and even though New Zealand still seems relatively unspoiled, it is no secret that many places on our planet are not so peaceful, healthy and balanced anymore. In general, our planet is in big trouble. Our Mother ship ‘Earth’, ‘Gaia’, ‘Terra’, ‘Pachamama’ isn’t doing too well. And we, as humanity, living on this beautiful blue planet “floating in space”, are in big trouble too.

I’m not an environmentalist. I don’t actively participate in demonstrations or donate much time, money or other to organisations who do. I don’t chain myself to trees or go on hunger strikes. I very much admire people who do (sometimes with grave danger to their own lives), however I feel my calling and all my effort and energy are best served raising a family and to ‘helping heal’ in other ways. So, I cannot tell you from my own experience and expertise what the actual state of health of our planet and her natural environment is, and if we are still able to turn the tide. But I know from what I see and hear around me, that it’s not great. I also know that I have unpleasant dreams about how the spraying of crops is affecting our food chain and our health, I see quite a lot of dead bees lately, I sometimes have nightmares about the souls of our children calling out for help, I dream about U.F.O.’s visiting us (with various agenda’s) and in other anxious dreams I witness people suffering tremendously and calling out for the light and for some salvation. I see more and more people getting sick with cancers or unable to have children. I look at the people in the mall and the supermarket and see how very few people are actually smiling with their eyes… Some mornings I wake up and feel exhausted and very, very sad. Sorry, don’t mean to bring you down, but we only have to switch on the TV to see what’s all going on in the rest of the world and how much suffering there is. 

The strange situation we find ourselves in now, this paradox of on the one hand the forces of ego and ignorance, pain and dominance, and on the other hand the forces of light, truth, love and freedom, is one that we ‘humanity’ have created for ourselves. We, in our ignorance, have made it nearly impossible to sustain our way of living on this planet. All the power, money and resources etc. are in the hands of a small, select group of people, while the masses are working hard under their rules and restrictions to sustain our current models of society.

I know that this is our creation. We as humanity, and as souls on our learning journeys on planet Earth, have created the current societal frameworks as models of living; either by our passive acceptance and/or by our active participation. The schools, medical institutions, farm and food organisations, military, governments, corporate banking institutions, etc. have all instigated these models and are working hard to try and sustain/enforce them. It’s all about power and controlling the masses, and that is done by keeping people in fear and ignorance. And the media serve as mass regulators of fear-based broadcasts and their coherent frequencies.

What can we do?

We all play our part, according to what our souls have chosen to engage in. I try to do my bit by learning about our current living environment and how to create daily balance around our family. And that keeps me on my toes already! 😉 I also do my best to participate in the tremendous influx of the light helping us all to wake up. I stay clear of watching violence on TV as much as I can, because I don’t think it helps if I become fearful. Although I do want an awareness of what’s happening, so to some extent I do engage in global affairs. I try to stay clear of spiritual activism (light versus dark, that sort of stuff). I think it’s enough to deal with the shadow I’m faced with on a daily basis, i.e. my own. Whatever comes my way (is magnetised towards me) points the way towards what is mine to Unify at the time.

What’s important to remember, is that we all have the power to change things. It’s never too late to change. And it’s important to remember that everything, this whole creation, whether we label it light or dark, good or bad, is all part of Source/God. It is our own creation in our 3D learning school, called “life on planet Earth”. And it has served us well in that respect; a duality experiment where we get to experience separation energy and polar opposites. And how ever you look at it, from a Divine perspective it is all Perfect. How else would we have learned about what works and what doesn’t, if we would not have been given this freedom? There really is no need to assign blame, that only continues to bind us to duality. Yet there is also no one to come and rescue us, but us! The second coming of the Messiah, the return of the Christ as foretold in the scriptures of old, is the coming of the Christed Consciousness in us! It is not someone else, and not sometime in the future. It’s us and it’s NOW. We need to take responsibility and the time to do so is NOW!

I think I can do my bit of “lightening things up”, by facing my own shadow and unifying it to the best of my ability for all those (lineages) involved. If we all did this, it would make it so much easier to navigate this world. Every bit of my own darkness that gets “healed” (brought back into wholeness) makes our Collective Unconscious lighter and changes the core beliefs for all involved into ones aligned with the light, with a Higher Consciousness. Think of the global implications! I believe this is what would create lasting change; if we all start taking responsibility and become autonomous co-creators who stop buying into what is force-fed to them. It’s scary, I agree, to stand out from the crowd, to speak up, to say No! To be, look and act differently. But a global movement of Light is spreading across the Earth. I see more and more people and especially children walking around consciously. Babies with incredible eyes smiling at me because their souls recognize my light. People are waking up. And in most people the vision is taking root that this time it’s going to be different. We all have collective memories of catastrophes wiping out our civilizations …

But whether we are headed for mass extinction or not, there seems to be a global consensus among those awoken to their own Divinity, that we are headed for a new era. Those of us who carry the Light Seeds of the New Earth in our hearts, are now being guided to plant them. And sometimes they need to be grounded in the darkest places, because that’s where the light is needed most. These are the brave souls among us, the warriors of the light. Those of us of who’s ‘light and love force’ is strong enough to keep their own frequencies High in the midst of density without identifying with and falling prey to the lower vibrations. This time around some of us are asked to go into the midst of all of Humanity’s layers and ground the light there. To take what we have learned, perhaps in previous incarnations in monasteries and other sacred sanctuaries, into the lower layers of society and as such have a foot in both worlds; so we may blaze a trail to the light for others to follow, so we may inspire, lighten, love, and ultimately heal/unify Humanity’s sickness of the lower ego mind/the collective unconscious.

A dimensional shift for Humanity; from a third Dimensional reality to a Fifth Dimensional one. The third dimensional framework of time- & personal storylines is collapsing as Higher Consciousness (the Fifth dimension) opens to us. This is the place of the heart, the Christed Consciousness of no time, no space. The ego mind and lower emotional body cannot access the ‘Hanaqpacha’. Only the unconditional love and knowing of the Heart can. We are being reconnected and re-calibrated so we can hold these Fifth Dimensional Light Frequencies in our fields, open our Hearts and access Higher Consciousness. This is truly what “the end of the world” means to me. The death of the 3D reality. And the beginning of the Fifth dimensional one. We are now in the transition time. Humanity is losing its grip on the third dimension. We are forced to let go of our baggage if we haven’t already done so voluntarily. It’s the proverbial shaking of our tree. So that we may release what is ripe and no longer needed.

It’s another way of looking at global change. Yes, our world is changing, natural disasters and global terror aplenty, but Sophia, to give a name to the Soul of the World, has good reason. She’s been in service to humanity long enough now, she wishes to ascend and be released of the bondage of 3D reality. Gaia is a “Star in the making!” Nova Gaia or Terra Nova as people are calling our New Earth, is coming into view, and I believe for that to happen we, as individuals, either need to move back into Spirit (through physical death, and if need be, continue to play out our 3D learning on another planet/plane of existence), or ascend with her and align our hearts to the unbound love awaiting us in the Fifth dimension.

I’m unsure of the logistics of that. And how that is going to play out, and if it even matters. What matters is that change is afoot. We know we will pass back into the light eventually anyway. We might as well try and release as much of our old soul baggage as possible and make the most of our time on this precious & beautiful blue planet. And help her and ourselves ascend in the process. Whatever transition we will end up making, it will be much easier to travel light and in the Light. ‘Living in the Light’ I believe to be the Key to our Salvation.

I ask you all to listen to the wake-up call of our beautiful Mother Earth, ask her how you can assist her, let her speak into your heart and do your very best to listen. Allow the two of you to reconnect. Lovingly look after her, so she can rekindle your fire, shelter, clothe and feed you. All in Sacred Relation with each other, so you can take up your rightful place of standing on her surface as her Divine New Earth Child!



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