I am currently half way through this transformative course and what a journey so far. My meditations have become so much more meaningful, as I learn to unveil my own power to learn about myself and understand the human/spiritual growth process. So grateful to have such a gentle, supportive and connected mentor in Arayah, I feel so very blessed and supported to undertake this journey.

Kara Harvey


I took Arayah’s Sacred Space Workshop and I knew this would be such a profound journey of self-discovery.  What I didn’t expect was how deep I would be journeying.  Arayah holds so much wisdom and knowledge and her generosity and vulnerability really was the catalyst for me to acknowledge where I was still holding myself back and where I wasn’t free.

Taking this course propels you on a fast-track journey of healing, integrating and personal transformation.  Arayah is such a beautiful loving teacher, what she shared and the way she shares it with so much love makes you look forward to the weekly gathering.  I will continue my journey with Arayah as my coach. She has a way of truly seeing you and listening without judgment.  Always holding that space for you so you can see things for yourself.

Josiane Laplante


Arayah’s class provided me with a wonderful space to be seen and heard. I asked questions and learned more about things I was experiencing in a safe community container.  I loved her open approach to curiosity and willingness to explore all aspects of self. My ability to quiet my mind and meditate more deeply increased as we progressed through the sessions. I wished the series would go on and on!

Sabrina Ganymede


This workshop (WS1. Self Discovery) has been really special to me and my partner. Super interesting topics mixed with very personal guidance, make it one of the best things we could have done together for ourselves, our baby and our relationship!

Iris de la Rive Box & Niels Groenouwe


Arayah’s Sacred Space Workshop 1, that I have just completed, demonstrated the depth of her knowledge and the extent of her integrity whilst delivering the content earnestly. I learnt so much and will continue to re-read the notes in order to grow spiritually.

Ingrid Broekhals