Individual Soul Healing Session

An individual, tailor-made and Spirit-guided Session to re-calibrate the client’s Luminous Field whereby various obsolete shadow aspects & patterns are re-moved and more of the client’s Higher Light is anchored. In a Session Arayah works with the Client’s Soul, Guardian Angels & various Guides, Source Energy and many Divine Beings of the Higher Light Octaves. If appropriate, passed over Loved Ones can come through as well, more often than not to assist in the Lineage and Inner Child healing. Arayah works on a Unified Soul/Higher Self Level and channels the various Higher Light Frequencies as Information in the form of Higher Light Streams, Strands & Coils, Templates, Codes & DNA Patterns, Sound Harmonics & Light Language through her body into the client’s Luminous Field in order to facilitate the Highest-possible Healing for the client in that Moment.

A session usually entails a combination of but is not limited to the following;

Basic Session:

Golden Channels Reconnection (Djeds), Chakra Clearing & Chakra/Divine Blue-print (Re-) Alignment, Light Language/Sound Healing Activations, Entity Removal & Lightbody Clearing, Re-energising & Purification, Soul Aspects Retrieval, Crystalline Light Code Activations (working with High Vibrational Crystals), Akashic Work, Lineage DNA Repair & Activations, Luminous Body Work; Light Script/Sigils, Scaffolding & Template Work, Inner Child Work, Light Body Activations (as appropriate; Blue Lightbody, Violet Lightbody, Rainbow (White) Lightbody, Crystalline Body (liquid diamond or iridescent lightbody), Christ Body (golden plasma lightbody) and might include one or more of the following

Quantum Matrix Activations: (reprogramming you back to your Divine Matrix/-Blueprint, for which Arayah also makes use of Bio-Holographic Programs of Light in the form of Templates)

  • ‘Kundalini Activation’; includes Base, Sacral (& Hara Point) Chakra work, Inner Child work, Belonging, New Paradigm Relating, Clearing & Re-programming the Sexual Template, Earth Star/Soul Star Activation & Integration if appropriate.
  • ‘Solar Star Activation’; Connect with your Solar Self & Live your True Light Purpose, Divine Child Activation, Joy of Being, Abundance.
  • ‘Polarised Light Fusion’; Mother/Father-, Male/Female Polarity Unifications & Integrations, TwinFlame Union & Divine CounterPart Activations, Heart Opening & Template Work.
  • ‘Blue and Violet Ray Activation’; Pineal, Hypothalamus & Pituitary Gland Activations, Amygdala Lightwork (to reduce anxiety and improve creativity) Throat/Brow/Ear Activations, Crown/Causal/Zeal Activations.
  • “White Spectrum Solar Synergy”; Rainbow Body Integration & Crystalline Body Activation; High Oscillation Vibrational Work. Contains all the Rainbow Rays from the Central Sun Alcyone emitted through our Sun Helios.
  • “Aurelian Scintillation”; Golden Light Christ Consciousness Streaming & Dispersion, coming through as a very High Frequency of Healing Light that is instantly informing the body’s luminous scaffolding. Contains Full Spectrum of Living Light Plasma Rays from the Great Central Sun Sirius. Christ Body (golden plasma lightbody) Activation. Thymus Gland Higher Heart & Stellar Gateway Full Opening & Integration.

Clients can request certain treatments & activations themselves and/or leave the session entirely up to their Soul & Spirit. A session can take up to 2 hours and costs $155 NZD. In most cases clients receive only a few Activations per session (as they take a while for the Lightbody to integrate).

Payment options can be discussed beforehand, otherwise full payment is expected upon completion of a session, and for Remote/Distance Sessions we ask for payment up front please. Payment can be made either through this website, via online banking or in cash. Mobile Eftpos is also available.

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