About Arayah’s Compass

‘Arayah’s Compass’ is a Holistic Health & Well-being Business, located in Kawerau, New Zealand, with a strong focus on Spiritual awareness, empowerment and development. We believe that All originates from the Spiritual into the Manifested worlds and that any permanent change can only come from that which is your True Origin, namely Source and your God Self. Therefore we work with Source energy in Its many manifestations of the Christed Consciousness to bring all that is fear and duality back to a state of Love and Oneness.

The name ‘Arayah’s Compass’ is based on a vision Arayah had at the beginning of her Spiritual Journey, where she saw herself in the centre of a large geometrical looking building, likened to an airport terminal, with many tunnels/gates extending from/leading to the centre. In her vision many people came from the various tunnels to the centre of the “terminal”, to ask for new directions/pathways and to lighten their “suitcases”, their loads. A few years later still, Arayah was given the vision of her Seal, now used as our Business Logo, in a dream. She painted it on canvas and concluded it looked like a Compass. She embraced the idea of providing a “Spiritual Compass Service” that offers people Soul Assistance and points them back to their True Centre. (click here to read more)

We offer various Higher Consciousness Soul Healing Services for all ages. Our Healing Services are continuously evolving in alignment with The New Earth Consciousness. Our world is a living matrix in which we are all co-creating and since we are currently all evolving so rapidly, old ways of thinking and doing can quickly become obsolete. A whole new Paradigm of Healing is becoming available to us as we are Ascending into Higher Levels of Consciousness.

We currently offer:


We also offer a variety of Natural Health, Beauty and Skincare Products & Remedies, Vibrational Medicine, Higher Consciousness Spells & Activation Potions, Sacred/Activational Art, Meditations and Shamanic Objects as well as Crystals, Gems and Semi-precious Stones & Jewellery. (please refer to the Products part of this website)

We attend Markets & Spiritual Fairs and are available for Home-based events such as Natural Product Pamper Events, Healing Gatherings & Ceremonies. (please refer to our Calendar to find us)

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