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Arayah is an incredibly beautiful & powerful woman. Her gifts are many… healer, artist, creator of divine balms, creams & other products. I received the most powerful healing session with her recently…. it was off the scale… so much healing occurred for me. Releasing ancestral ties… it actually felt like I was birthing the new Me & Arayah acting as midwife…  I was in very safe & capable hands… 100% trusting in the process. She is a very powerful channel for the divine healing energies as well as the languages of Light.  I highly recommend Arayah as a healer & wise woman. Her psychic gifts are very finely tuned & I advise anyone who is feeling connected with her to go & experience for themselves. Love & Blessings,

Kohia Flower


I just had the most amazing session with Arayah. Considering she knew nothing about me other than that I wanted to heal the relationship between me and my mother, in the feedback she gave the most detailed and accurate information about my life and my soul journey. It was a remote healing – while I meditated in my bedroom in Scotland, Arayah, in New Zealand, did her healing on my energetic body and then we met up afterwards on Zoom. She told me all what she had seen and experienced during that hour and then I shared what I had seen and experienced and the two were totally synchronous. We had even seen many of the same images and I had felt the sensations in my body in the exact order she said she had experienced them. Everything she said was spot on, in relation to what I have been working on. It was totally amazing. I received enormous value from this and I would definitely recommend a session to anyone.

Dr Shuna MarrScotland


Tijdens de healing lag ik rustig en ontspannen op bed met gesloten ogen. Ik had er geen expliciete verwachtingen van. Geleidelijk aan kwam ik in een lichte sluimering en zag voor mijn ogen korte tijd de kleuren van de regenboog. Verschillende gewaarwordingen trokken door mij heen. Ik zag verschillende kleuren van geel tot rood en witte puntige wolken die wegtrokken. Toen de healing voorbij was, voelde ik mij heel ontspannen en dacht dat het veel langer had geduurd.
Ik hoop dat mijn aandoening waarvoor ik deze healing heb gevraagd snel zal verbeteren.
In het volste vertrouwen op Arayah,

Ans de WaardThe Netherlands


My name is Joost and I am a happily married man from the Netherlands. One of my daughters living in New Zealand regularly consulted Arayah and – based upon her enthusiasm about it – our younger daughter in the Netherlands followed, and so did my wife. For spiritual healings and readings, bridging the distance-gap around the globe did not prove an obstacle at all. In these readings certain aspects of the “family formation” in this and past lives came to the surface.

Recently I developed a disease that dissipated all energy from my system, resembling an earlier autoimmune affliction five years earlier that could be cured only with many months of heavy medication. Medical examination and tests gave rise to referral to a specialist in an Academic hospital. My daughters and my wife convinced me to approach Arayah as a complimentary source of healing, parallel to the regular medical approach.

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Joost de la Rive BoxThe Netherlands, spring 2019


Arayah’s work is exemplary. By the nature of this work, one is offered the gift to go deep within, to the core, to unlock their sacred temple. Arayah’s concrete shamanic strength and unwavering ability to channel divine activation allows for realignment on numerous unseen subtle layers which allows one to feel recharged, energised, clear and profoundly connected. Following her healings guidance is often given, offering unique insight which can act as an arrow on the Soul Path and direction towards wholesome, unified wellbeing.

Bracken RainbowEssence of Awakening


Arayah’s Sacred Space Workshop 1, that I have just completed, demonstrated the depth of her knowledge and the extent of her integrity whilst delivering the content earnestly. I learnt so much and will continue to re-read the notes in order to grow spiritually.

Ingrid Broekhals


Recently I had a Soul Guidance session with Arayah regarding the clearing of my ancestral lineage.  This was after some significant information had become apparent regarding my grandfather and his sudden disappearance ninety years ago.

Arayah accessed details and information that nobody could have known….and allowed for a complete closure for all concerned….her clarity and deep insights brought about a transformational healing on many levels.  I feel that we have now been able to clear any karmic/soul debt that would have continued through the family otherwise.  The physical symptoms which I had been experiencing in relation to this incident have also dissipated.  I am so grateful for your incredible healing Arayah.

A week later I went for a Healing/Massage Session to clear any residual blockages and to allow for energetic shifts to reflect the clearing on a cellular level.  Arayah spent nearly two hours clearing my field, removing old belief patterns which no longer serve me…I could feel the energy shifting and since then I have a clearer understanding of my soul purpose and an exquisite alignment with my Higher Self which I have never experienced before.

Dearest Arayah…..thank you so much for your beautiful Healing Session…..since this experience I have felt so much more in alignment with my Higher Purpose…my energy feels lighter and I’m altogether more connected and joyful.  In loving gratitude to you and all that you bring to the world.  Xoxo Much love,

Saila Wood


I have been fortunate enough in the past to have had healing treatments from Arayah. At times I have had unresolved grief. Under her guidance I was able to release these old programs out of my cellular memories and life story. The energy that emits from her is of such a high caliber that it felt like vibrationally I was shedding outworn outdated aspects of myself. Arayah equally is proficient with crystal healing and body massage. Her abilities are far reaching and she works from integrity. Arayah has highly evolved intuition which flows from loving communication with her client. I highly recommend her to those seeking a new paradigm, goals and a way of life that brings peace, joy and self development.

Jacqueline NelleyHamilton, New Zealand


Arayah is an exceptional healer. She is one of those people who can know things about you that she could have no way of knowing!

She is genuinely tuned in, and my experience was profound, deep, spiritual and life changing. I cannot recommend her enough.

Eben Wilson
Charlotte Aliya Ahu’na


Arayah’s Products are Unique and Divinely Created! You can truly feel they are made with so much Love and with very high Universal Frequencies. She also is an amazing Healer. The healing she gave me blew me away in every way and on every level of my Being!

Charlotte Aliya Ahu’naOwner/Operator of Aguia’s (Healing) Centre, Maassluis, The NetherlandsAguia’s Centre


Hello all, 7 weeks ago I had big surgery on my wrist, witch left me with a lot of swelling, pain and a long scar. I came across Arayah’s Compass products at a market in Whitianga. So I bought a pot of (Gold) the Jump for Joy cream.

I have been using the cream for just one week and the swelling, pain and my nasty looking scar are hardly visible. Of course I had to get more products and what a great service. I can highly recommend the products and very friendly service. Not to forget it’s all natural. Thank you so much for making my daily routine so much easier:-)

Irene Weibel


Beautiful Natural Skincare and products. The New Light Facial Moisturiser made my sensitive skin feel smooth, soft and hydrated. It also smells great!

The Summer Fun Body Butter was also very moisturising, easy to apply and smelt lovely!

Laura Thomas

Uplifting and beautiful experience with Jeanien (Arayah). So much love for the help given through my journey with magical healings and products.

Kelly Anne08/05/2017

I suffer from carpal tunnel pain in my wrists and the Jump for Joy cream is so effective. I rub it on and my wrist and thumbs are pain free in about 15 minutes. I’ve used it on a stiff neck and there has been increased, pain free flexibility within 5-10 minutes. Love it.

Ingrid Broekhals03/06/2018

Arayah’s Products have helped me with sleeping issues; Serene Slumber and Liquid Gold. A lovely woman to connect with, Soul Healing sessions are a godsend, thank you!

Melodie Aimers27/7/2018