About our Health & Beauty Products

Naturally Safe

All Arayah’s Compass’ Health & Beauty Products are lovingly handcrafted by Arayah from only natural ingredients. Our skin is a highly absorbable organ, and therefore Arayah feels strongly about making sure to know what ingredients are in her family’s skincare products and if they are safe for their health. And this initially motivated her, to start making her own. Each Health & Beauty product on this website has a personal story behind it, and was first created to aid someone in Arayah’s own ‘family & friends circle’ to naturally & safely relieve certain conditions/symptoms. When the products proved to be truly helping people, Arayah started bringing them to markets and expo’s and now also offers them here in our webshop.

All of these products are cruelty free and only tested on willing humans ;-), except for the animal products which are gently trialled around Arayah’s own pets first. They are all free of toxins, parabens and chemicals, completely vegan and made with happy loving vibes, reducing the risk of irritation and allergic reactions!

Still we advise people with very sensitive skin to patch test first to determine suitability for purpose of any of our Health & Beauty Products before first use. This is done by applying the product on a small patch of skin on the inside of your arm (around the crook of your elbow) and leaving the product on for a few hours at least. Signs of an allergic reaction could include swelling, irritation, redness, warmth, itchiness or a rash of the skin.

Most ingredients are sourced from New Zealand suppliers. You will find only good quality products on these pages, made with the best ingredients yet offered at affordable prices; reflecting Arayah’s belief that great Health & Beauty Products don’t have to cost us a fortune and the Earth!

Vibrational Medicine

Because of the loving focussed intention behind (and often channelled energies infused into) the products, the Health & Beauty products you will find on this website (under the tab ‘Products’) are more than the sum total of their ingredients, in fact some of them can be categorised as Vibrational Medicine.

Vibrational Medicine are not medicine in the conventional sense of the word, but rather they are products that are consciously created to contain vibrational energies. This is done by infusing them with (often channelled) energies that enhance the healing qualities of the product and bring balance and restore to the natural inherent frequency of an energetic field or part thereof. Disease in the body is an effect of scrambled information in the body field. And Vibrational Medicine works holistically to unscramble and correct that information, so it works coherently according to the original Divine Blueprint, which in turn gently and safely restores the body back to optimum health. This has exciting implications for the Health Industry; Vibrational Medicine has even been referred to as the Medicine of the Future!

Look for the Products with this icon on this website, or contact us to request your own Personal Vibrational Medicine, consciously co-created as per your individual needs!

Re-filling Discount

All empty pots, jars & bottles and their nozzles and caps can be returned to Arayah’s Compass for re-filling and recycling and (only) when re-ordering product upon return of these, Arayah’s Compass offers a $0.50 discount on the new order per any undamaged glass container of 100ml or larger, $0.25 discount for the medium sized ones (30 – 100ml) and $0.10 discount per any of the smaller glass containers (up to 30ml). To read more about our Clean Green Practice, please click here…

Where else can you find Arayah’s Compass’ Health & Beauty Products? 

At the moment we only sell our Health & Beauty Products within New Zealand. To find out when you can find us and our Natural Health & Healing Products and Services at Markets, Fairs and Expo’s near you, please refer to our Calendar.

We are also available for Natural Product Pamper Parties and other Events at Your Home or Venue! Enquire here to find out how you benefit from hosting a fun event for you and your friends from the comfort of your own home 🙂

Of course you are very welcome to come and visit us on site in Kawerau New Zealand, to connect, browse and test our products in person! Enquire here to visit our premises.

And if you are on Facebook, it is certainly worth checking out our Arayah’s Compass Facebook Page. On there you will often find some Great Specials for our Health & Beauty Products! As well as other Spiritual and Natural Health & Healing related posts and content.

We hope you will enjoy browsing our Health & Beauty Section on this website as we feel proud and confident to be providing you with great quality products to purchase and enjoy by you and your community of family & friends! Also, we always love hearing from you with any questions, comments, ideas and reviews as we continually strive to improve and enhance our Services & Products!


Arayah’s Compass is not registered to sell food. All our Health & Beauty Products are intended for external use only.
The Health & Beauty Products advertised and discussed here on this website are by no means meant to replace conventional medical advice and/or medication. Arayah offers her own descriptions and personal opinion on the effectiveness of these products, based on her own experiences. We strongly advise anyone who chooses to use our products for one’s self-healing, to use discernment and to take responsibility for one’s personal choices. Please read our Full Disclaimer here…