Clean Green

We all know how important it is to care for our environment and to make Sustainability a lifestyle as much as possible. Every seemingly small change we make in our individual everyday-lives, can add up to making a big difference for our planet!

Arayah’s Compass strongly supports making conscious choices when it comes to bottling & packaging materials. We try to use glass containers as much as possible and offer a re-filling & recycling option (see below). Arayah’s Compass uses 100% biodegradable and compostable carry bags , made from starch compound materials (sourced from, as well as paper (carry) bags and wrapping materials (for products purchased at markets and events). For posting your purchases we also re-cycle pre-used boxes, bubble-wrap and other packaging materials (in case really necessary when posting) or use corn starch packing peanuts, or paper to fill the boxes and protect the contents.

Re-filling & Recycling Discounts

All empty pots, jars & bottles and their nozzles and caps can be returned to Arayah’s Compass for proper recycling and (only) when re-ordering product upon return of any glass containers, Arayah’s Compass offers;

  • A $0.50 discount on the new order per any returned (undamaged) glass container of 100ml or larger,
  • $0.25 discount for the medium sized glass ones (30 – 100ml) and
  • $0.10 discount per any of the smaller glass containers (up to 30ml).

So effectively we offer a discount for any undamaged glass container swap when re-ordering.

Any used plastic parts (nozzles, caps, etc) & containers can usually be cleaned and re-used/re-filled once or twice, for your own personal use only!  And then the same discount per container applies to your refill purchase. When purchasing you can indicate if you would like this option as part of your sustainable lifestyle practice.

We only re-use (undamaged) glass pots, jars & bottles for our new stock. This because we can sterilise only glass containers sufficiently enough for them to be 100% clean and hygienic and unfortunately cannot guarantee that for any plastic parts & containers.