Sacred Space Workshop 1 – Self Discovery – 

10-week Spirit Guided ‘Self Empowerment Course’ propelling you into Higher Consciousness 

Individual Coaching or Group-based Learning, taking place either onsite or via an online connection               



  1. Living in the Light – Introduction to the Course
  1. The Holographic Nature of our Universe; to boldly go where perhaps we haven’t (consciously) gone before 🙂
  1. The Human Energy System (Includes the full ‘New Earth Chakra Template Set’ with accompanying information!)
  1. Healing Mechanics
  1. Interpreting Signs through Inter-connectedness
  1. Indigenous People & Sacred Teachings, Our Origins…
  1. Fear or Love; Duality or Oneness
  1. The Power of Sound & Creative Expression
  1. The Five W’s; exploring our Soul Purpose
  1. Mother Earth’s S.O.S.; how can we help?


General Guidelines

The above is a general outline of what the Modules in this Course will cover. As Arayah will be guided by Spirit and sessions are very individualised, they will unfold as per Higher Guidance.

These Star- & Shamanic Teachings are designed to propel you forwards into Higher Consciousness and fast track your Ascension Process, yet your Self-commitment to doing the work and fully participating, determine what you get out of it. This is as much about going into your shadow as well as into your Light.

The course is Sacred, so your committed attendance is important, not just for yourself, Spirit and Arayah, but also for the dynamics of the group (if partaking in group-based learning). Groups usually have no more than 5 participants. If you purchase a Group-based Learning option, you could be placed onto a waiting list until Arayah has sufficient numbers (please enquire first re. start dates!). Once a group has started, no new participants can be added to that particular group. Also, anything personal that is shared during both Individual & Group sessions will have to remain confidential.

The sessions will be up to 2 hours each for individual sessions and up to 3 hours each for group work, and roughly be structured as follows;

  • Introduction & House-rules (first Module and for onsite participants only)
  • Open Circle, Recap. on previous week
  • Teachings / Relevant Practical Work & personal guidance
  • Small bathroom break (onsite sessions only)
  • Guided Meditation containing Lightbody activations / Reflection time
  • Exercise(s) / homework for the week ahead
  • Closing down circle
  • Beverage & Shared snacks (onsite sessions only) / Casual sharing time


For onsite sessions

Please bring every week;

  • Pen & journal/notebook (if you like, writing material can also be provided)
  • Blanket (depending on weather)
  • Warm cardigan/extra socks to keep warm, if needed 🙂
  • Water bottle (I will provide tea and water as well)
  • Small snack to share
  • Your ‘Kete’ and Folder (see below)
  • Anything else you would like to perhaps bring, share or place on the altar

On top of the enriching information outlined above (provided to you weekly), onsite participants will receive the following;

  • The full ‘New Earth Chakra Template Set’ with accompanying information (comes with Module 3)!
  • A nice binder for your paperwork
  • A weekly hand-out of the Module (containing the information discussed and any accompanying graphics), to put in your binder
  • A ‘Kete’ with the following;
  • A personal quartz crystal dedicated to this course
  • A 10% discount voucher on a Soul Healing treatment
  • 3 cd’s with assorted meditation music
  • A pen
  • 2 vibrational essences (with explanation); ‘Lightbody Activation Essence’, ‘Rainbow Bridge Essence’
  • A ‘Certificate of Participation’ upon completion of the Course

And of course;

  • A deeper connection with your Soul
  • The support of and connection with your Light Team, Arayah and any kindred souls in your group


For online sessions

The Modules, The New Earth Chakra Set & all other accompanying information will be emailed to you in advance. The Meditation Music will be accessible via a Dropbox link. The Certificate of Participation will be emailed upon completion of the Course. Also you will receive one free Soul Healing Heart Activation Session with Arayah, to be booked within the duration of the Course.

Sessions will take place via a Video Conferencing platform called Zoom and Correspondence will mostly take place via email and Facebook Messenger Group Chat.



The whole 10-week course costs $425 pp for group-based learning (min amount of 4 students per group) and $850 pp for individual sessions. Online sessions are usually individual sessions, although group based learning can take place this way too.

We would ideally ask for this amount up front please. We are willing to work something out in terms of instalment payments if people are really keen yet struggling to have this kind of money up front, but we need to have a firm commitment for the full course. And once started the total amount payable will always be the full amount.

If you would like to participate in this course, you can purchase Workshop 1 as Individual Coaching Sessions here and Workshop 1 as Group-based Learning here. After purchase, Arayah will contact you to book you in and to discuss your preferences (with regards to onsite or online learning) & the other details.

Also, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.