Testimonial Lineage Healing Joost


My name is Joost and I am a happily married man from the Netherlands. One of my daughters living in New Zealand regularly consulted Arayah and – based upon her enthusiasm about it – our younger daughter in the Netherlands followed, and so did my wife. For spiritual healings and readings, bridging the distance-gap around the globe did not prove an obstacle at all. In these readings certain aspects of the “family formation” in this and past lives came to the surface.

Recently I developed a disease that dissipated all energy from my system, resembling an earlier autoimmune affliction five years earlier that could be cured only with many months of heavy medication. Medical examination and tests gave rise to referral to a specialist in an Academic hospital. My daughters and my wife convinced me to approach Arayah as a complimentary source of healing, parallel to the regular medical approach.

A month before the start of the current disease relational problems arose with my son, which took me by surprise, as my professional and family life had always been very harmonious. It occurred to me that this disease might somehow be related to this sudden “obstacle”. I was open to the idea that every disease has an energetic component behind it, and that it is important to free the mind and soul of such disruptive ballast. So I decided to give it a try, not knowing why or how exactly it would work…

After the spiritual reading and subsequent healing, very quickly things started to move for the entire family. It seemed as if for all of them little pieces of the puzzle started to fall in place, as if their own process was suddenly enhanced. In three generations, including my grand children, the ripples of this energetic flood wave where felt. Within days the ‘lost’ son approached me for contact, after an acquaintance spontaneously volunteered to talk to him.

The open communication between us in this process greatly contributed to our mutual understanding and to our depth of appreciation for healing perspectives. While karmic packages and past life scenarios normally evade clear understanding, their reflection in today’s reality is somehow recognisable, once you are guided towards it. And so the spiritual healing triggered a release of ‘heavy stuff’ that gave an opening for healing, not just on the physical level but also on the interpersonal energetic relationship level. As if the family ‘snapshot’ is freed from a ‘grey veil’, thus restoring its full colour…

In a medical examination in an Academic Hospital, a fortnight after the healing, the medical specialist found traces of an auto-immune response, but for the rest all functions were excellent and so they gave me a clean bill of health! It was conceivable that the body successfully stopped the disease on its own. But while the body was ‘fighting’ it, a lot of energy dissipated in the process, resulting in a collapse of my physical condition. By clearing the ‘energy package’ the root cause for the disease was cured I think, and thus a path for recovery was opened without the need for medication. My process was a piece in a kind of family-puzzle, and so by allowing this lineage healing, for all of us the image of the puzzle seems more complete now.

Grateful for the ever-caring Spirit. Thanks Arayah for your loving mediation!


Joost – The Netherlands, spring 2019 –