Manifestation as part of Unity Consciousness

-channeled by Arayah 12/2/2015-

Stop trying so hard and everything will come to you!

Most of the time we are reacting to outside stimuli, to outside forces. And we try to control, master and tackle them one at a time and sometimes many at a time (which we proudly call “multitasking”). But what we really crave is peace, stillness, a place to be…

Now let’s not forget that our outside world is an illusionary mirror image of our inner world. So, if we want peace in our lives we need to be peaceful, if we want to be loved, we need to be loving to ourselves and others, if we need money, we need to know we are abundant, if we want a meaningful relationship with others, we need to have a meaningful relationship with ourselves, etc.

If we constantly see all the things we crave only in and for others, meanwhile feeling they are lacking for us, then isn’t that what we create? All that we need is within and in fact it is only within that it is real and everlasting. Without/outside of us, it is temporary, subjected to the laws of nature.

Think about this for a moment. Where in your life do you feel, see and experience lack and how can you feel, see and experience that what you need/want within and really embody it, be it, and so carry it forth/manifest it into your daily existence?

Have you ever noticed that people who have money can easily create more money? And people who have success can easily create more success? “But ah, that’s because they are following their destiny” you say, or; “They are just lucky, born that way, etc.” But No! It’s actually because they don’t feel/experience that they are lacking in that area, that they can easily recreate/multiply that experience!

I say, get out of your own way. Don’t force anything in the outer world but be it (whatever you want to achieve/obtain) in your inner! Do yourself a favor; grab one thing you are struggling with today and really really start loving it, become it, see it no longer as outside of you, as unobtainable, as separate, but feel how it is you and that therefore it was and always is right here for you. Yours to do with whatever you command.

This is the true power of you, your God given gift of creation. Some call it alchemy, some call it manifestation. Many do it unconsciously, but I challenge you today to become more conscious of it, and to keep practising until it becomes your natural way of being. That is freedom, that is expansion, that is mastery. And that is what you are about to learn! So you can pass it on to your children, this skill, that they do not currently teach at schools. So that it may become the natural way of being for All.