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Light Creations

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Welcome to Arayah’s Compass

Addressing Individual Needs on a Soul level and planting seeds for a Heart-centred existence in Oneness Consciousness 

Your whole life experience is a Healing Journey. A Self-chosen path of experiences and learning designed to bring you back to the Truth of You, to bring You back into Oneness, One step at a time…

The products, services and articles you will find on this website are aimed at assisting and empowering you to free yourself of outgrown beliefs, patterns, programs and energetic imprints that aren’t serving you anymore. So that you can make Conscious choices and empower yourself to bring in more of your Higher Multi-dimensional Self on your path of Ascension into Higher (Heart-centred) Consciousness.

Why? Because Applied Conscious Awareness leads to individual and collective freedom of restriction, pain and suffering. It takes you out of the illusionary reality of the 3rd Dimensional world of duality and separation and brings you into the 5th Dimensional reality of Unconditional Love and Oneness. What we do on an individual level brings light (makes lighter and brings awareness) to Humanity’s Collective Consciousness and assists others to follow in your tracks. So your own journey into Wholeness doesn’t only bring healing to yourself, but also to the world around you!

I congratulate you on taking responsibility for your own healing! And I hope that what you will find on my website will bring joy, healing and happiness to you and your world. This site (and all you find on here) is an expression of the Creative Force of All That Is, and therefore a Team Effort with the Higher Realms of Christed Consciousness through the lens of my Perception & Awareness.

If we can assist you with anything, we would love to hear from you!


Love always, Arayah Ayana Surima