Unifying the Dimensions, Timelines and Story-lines; unplug from the Matrix

-by Arayah Ayana Surima-

You might have heard it said before; Reality is a dream, an illusion. It is a stage for the events of our life to take place. The perfect setting with the perfect group of “actors” to set the scene for our learning and growth.

There is a lot to be said about this, but I will try to explain a little bit here as through the lens of my understanding and awareness as of yet.

Well, if you can imagine that everything in Creation as far as we know it, is underbuilt by a field, a lattice of consciousness, a multi-dimensional framework with Sacred geometrical grids of light, information, pathways and streams of consciousness. This matrix is created by Source Consciousness and brought into awareness by electromagnetic energy at the physical level. It is an intricate design, the web of life, in which we all partake and plug in somehow, somewhere. You could envision it as a hologram, a simulation that seamlessly allows for all of us to have our own individual experience, yet connects us all in the Divinely Perfect ‘Dance of Creation’.

The Matrix most people identify with shapes the illusion of linear time with a beginning and an end, and our consciousness evolves within the alchemy of this illusionary time-frame. Within this ‘Web of Life’ our Personal “Reality” is another projected illusion, another matrix, plugged into that bigger one.

Now as I mentioned, Reality is an illusionary concept. It’s a creation shaped to provide for a certain Soul learning in a certain ‘Time’ (when)* and a certain place or ‘Space’ (the where, the setting)*.

And when you begin to see and understand the fabric of life, you will be able to break through the illusionary veils that separate the so-called Time/Space Dimensions, the different ‘Learning Zones’. So, you will begin to find that in all Truth we are multi-dimensional beings and all the Multi-verses of our lives exists simultaneously in structures like Dimensions, Timelines and Individual Story-lines. The Dimensional planes are sometimes very defined with “veils” in between and sometimes very undefined. Within these Dimensions are “projected” the Collective Matrices of Time/Space called ‘Timelines’ (the when & where, setting/stage)*, and within those our “movies”, our individual ‘Story-lines’ (who and why; who are our “co-actors”/our mirrors and what are we learning/integrating on a soul level)*.

The system that keeps them all ordered, makes us believe in this illusion. This is often very necessary for our human growth, not to mention our state of mind. But in Truth there is no separation in the times, places and events that take place. Everything exists simultaneously in one eternal Now Moment; it is all just a matter of difference in frequency and wavelength. Where we are at with our Mind (through the lens of our perception) shapes our reality, because in that dimensional version is where we align and anchor (stabilise) our assemblage point (the sum-total point in our luminous field of our core beliefs and Self-awareness).  And this difference in frequency and wavelength determines how fast and how effortlessly we move through our storylines, creating the illusion of time going fast or slow, the choice in aging or not and ultimately the mastery of consciously aligning oneself through our choices. Past, present and future already “are”. Reality, if likened to a movie, stands still and we perceive it as movement through our own growth (movement) in/through it.

The more conscious we become, the easier it becomes to navigate these “playing fields” and the more we become aware of our ‘Multi-dimensionality’ (If that’s a word, otherwise it is now:)).

I hope you’re still with me, because this is where it becomes interesting…

Initially in our Ascension Process, (when we start to unravel the cords and strands that “lock” us into identifying ourselves with certain beliefs, people, places etc) we start to free ourselves and we no longer identify and anchor solely in one place; we become aware of different dimensions and beings living alongside of us. Then we start mastering this whole ‘time-travel’/’Multi-Dimensional Self-concept’. And at some stage when our Soul contracts have been fulfilled, we free ourselves completely from our “grids” and as they collapse, everything within the hologram created for us and by us, will end, be no more…

This moment is our ‘Soul Life review’, usually helping us to understand what our learning was, how far we mastered and fulfilled it, and usually happening when we’ve passed over back into Spirit.

Now at the Moment something remarkable is happening; the Unified energies of Humanity’s Consciousness combined with Mother Earth’s Ascension momentum within the current Galactic planetary alignment, make it energetically possible to do something amazing for a lot of us, to the extent that we have done the work of knowing Ourselves.

Namely, since the Lion’s Gate opened on the 26th of July and peaked on the 8th of August (and for the first time in history it is remaining open; new story ;-), we are able to unify our Collective Timelines and now with the current energies of the New Moon in Virgo (20th of Sept) and the Equinox as the sun moves into Libra (today the 23rd of Sept) we are able to unify our Individual Storylines and unplug from the 3D Matrix and for many of us who’s Soul contracts have been completed, this means the end of our “World” as we know it. The old script(s) simply cease(s) to be.

And this means complete freedom!!! Re-set Day!! A life-changer for humanity!! A blank page, in a new book… Basically it could mean a ‘Soul Life review’ fully Aware, yet in Body!

And as we unify, unplug, and let go of the old and limiting beliefs (stories) we have lived under, we need to dream up and bring into existence a new way of Being, time to define a new Paradigm. Create a new story for OurSelves, for Humanity, let go of our old patriarchal and matriarchal definitions of ourselves, of how much money we need to make, who/what we should love and in what way. Time to stop letting the old systems and the drama define us. Time to let go of these old story lines of what we believe about ourselves, and envision a new way, create new scripts, let them gently fall into place by embracing a Higher Consciousness.  “Time to allow the King and Queen within come into harmony with each other as they take their thrones on the dais of the Heart of Love”.

We are not just helpless puppets living out these old stories anymore. We never truly were, but now, thanks to the Amazing Energies flooding the planet at this time and the mass increase in Human Consciousness, it is so incredibly obvious and so possible for Humanity to embrace Higher Consciousness and take charge of our own lives. We are made of the same stuff as the whole of Creation is made of; namely Creation energy turned into matter. And for those of us who have come to know themselves on this level of Light again, we are indeed Co-Creators, Masters of Light. We can shape, bend and form, create and undo, unify, define, transmute, integrate etc, etc, with this Light, this Consciousness, this Energy! We can travel through it, explore it, you name it… This is what healing is all about, the stuff miracles are made of… This is what Ascension is, becoming more and more aware of the Truth of Who You Are!

Now how do we go about changing our Beliefs? How do we go about envisioning something new for ourselves and for Humanity?

I believe that the Heart develops what the Mind conceives.

Perhaps we are only able to imagine new possibilities because they already exist as a reality somewhere, on some level of Consciousness. Yet that to me is too limiting. I believe we can enter into unchartered territory. Not just re-invent ourselves, but come up with totally new concepts.

Our intention (aligned with Higher Mind) & the intensity of our will (Higher Will aligned with the Heart) fuel the shift into that reality. This is how we create. We create only in the Now Moment, which determines both future and past Now moments (since they are all Now). Most of us realise that we are responsible for our future Now moments, few realise that the Past Now moments are created too by remembering events and interpreting them in a way that gives us the effect we are seeking (consciously or not) in the present/Now. All is, was and ever will be Now only. And we are fully in charge, fully responsible for our own lives and the quality thereof. Our health, the speed and accuracy/perfection of our manifestations (we call them miracles if they seem beyond ordinary) are all in our own hands. Until we bring all the unified experience consciously back to our God Self, we keep on creating, experiencing and learning.

Each of us usually experiences (aligns with and therefore identifies with) only one possible version of our Selves/our Realities. As I explained above, there are many other possible versions as we are Multi-Dimensional beings. By changing our beliefs, we grow and we re-align to the version(s) we desire and we can change, unify, undo and unplug from the versions we have outgrown and completed.

Remember, it is only your thoughts and beliefs about something that make it so. And those beliefs (programming) can be changed, always, in all ways, in all directions and all dimensions, with Ease & Grace and to the Highest Good of All involved.

Life is Precious, Choose Consciously, Write your own Script! Practise Non-Resistance, Unconditional Love and Complete Acceptance…



With Much Love to You and Gratitude to Life Itself,




*referring to the Who, When, Where, How and Why of our Soul Missions/Learnings/Ascension processes. Who are the characters, our co-actors/mirrors, When refers to the timeline/timeframe, Where refers to what zone in what part of Creation, How refers to the individual Storylines, and Why refers to the underlying learning, karmic corrections, etc.