Parallel (Past) Life Regressions

A Parallel Life Regression is a guided and co-created session. Where you as a Soul Consciously connect with your Higher Self & God Self and are guided into another lifetime where another (Multi-dimensional) Aspect of You is experiencing a learning/story-line; a so-called Parallel (Past or Future) Life.

These sessions are extremely helpful in a self-empowering way, to go to the origin of any current health issues. When the learning from these experiences has been obtained from the Akashic Records & integrated on a Soul level, the story can be unified & any fear-based remains released from the client’s field. 

This is done as a form of guided meditation, where Arayah assists you in anchoring your Column of Light and brings in various light & sound frequencies that help the brainwaves to go into a Theta state in order to open you up to receive messages, images, feelings and sometimes even sounds and scents from the relevant life experiences. This way you (as a Soul) can consciously witness them and distill the soul learning, as well as bring them into Oneness from your Sacred Heart back to the Heart of Creation/Source (=Healing). 

Arayah energetically assists in the Healing process, making sure to clear the relevant stories (and their energetic matches) all the way to first Source on all levels of your Being, as well as to bring through (from your God Self) new Healing Templates (complete Higher Light programs) for the various chakra’s involved. These Templates resonate on a Higher Frequency and therefore begin to create new and more self empowering scenario’s in your outer life as a result. 

Parallel Life Regression Sessions can take place on site and can also be done as Distance Sessions via phone or online communication.

A PLR Session costs $155 NZD and usually takes up to 2 hours.

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