Parallel (Past) Life Regressions

A Parallel Life Regression is a guided session where you connect with your Higher Self and are guided into another (Multi-dimensional) Aspect of You, a so-called Parallel (Past or Future) Life.

Arayah brings in various light and sound frequencies that help the brainwaves to go into a Theta state and open you up to receive messages, images, feelings and sometimes even sounds and scents from the relevant life experience.

These sessions are extremely helpful in a self-empowering way, to go to the origin of any current health issues. When the learning from these experiences has been obtained from the Akashic Records & integrated on a Soul level, the story can be unified & any fear-based remains released from the client’s field.

Parallel Life Regression Sessions can also be done as Distance Sessions via phone or online communication.

A PLR Session costs $90 NZD and usually takes up to 1½ hours.

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