Holistic Massage & Body Treatments for Women


Holistic Massage 

Treat yourself to a Luxurious Holistic Massage by Arayah. This is a therapeutic body massage designed to relax the muscles and joints, release stress, anxiety and fatigue. A Holistic Massage session restores overall balance, blood & energy flow and enhances your feelings of well-being through the power of touch.

This massage is applied to the legs and feet, back and neck, arms and hands and can be as gentle or as firm as you prefer. If agreed by the client, Arayah also includes the acupressure points at the back of the skull.

Arayah works very intuitively here and channels Healing energy through her hands whilst massaging and treating the various acupressure points. The Pure essential massage oils and natural creams & lotions used, are handcrafted by Arayah and are carefully selected for each client to enhance the feelings of well-being and add to the therapeutic value of the experience.

Soothing music and lighting, the use of crystals underneath the massage table, as well as the beautiful natural setting of the treatment cabin all add to the relaxing ambiance.

A session takes about 1 – 1,5 hours in total and costs $90 NZD

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There is an option to include a Sacred Hot Stone Treatment  in your Massage session, to enter into an even deeper state of relaxation. The heat of the Sacred Stones helps to open and release toxins from the energy points applied to and works wonders on dissolving any tension and relaxing the muscles even deeper.

Additional $20 NZD

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Happy Feet 🙂

Treat your hard-working Feet to an Enchanted Foot Soak and Scrub enhanced with Arayah’s beautiful blend of Mineral Salts, Dried Herbs & Pure Essential oils, followed by a Beautiful Foot Massage, that stimulates the reflexology points in the feet to bring overall balance to the whole body. The beautifully scented Pure Essential Oils in the Massage Oil are carefully selected for each client to bring additional therapeutic value to the whole experience.

This luscious treatment is finished with an Application of Arayah’s natural hand-made Feet & Heel Balm to deeply nourish the skin.

A session takes about 40 minutes and costs $45 NZD

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Holistic Head & Face Treatment

The Face and Head are very Sacred Parts of our Body, closely connected to our Higher Faculties and Mental Field. Arayah offers a very Sacred Nurturing and Healing experience with a Holistic Head & Face Treatment.

This includes a Scalp & Facial Massage, an application of her hand-made and all- natural Deep Cleaning & Toning Facemask and New Light Facial Cream to make your skin glow, followed by Healing Activations to the Sacred Skull Chakra’s and Energy Pathways.

You can expect Arayah to be working with touch (by massage and applying pressure to the certain points), light/energy healing, sound (by Toning and the use of chimes), crystals, application of sacred oils and facial treatments. Working holistically; both with the physical as well as the Mental body within the client’s luminous field.

A session takes about 1 hour and costs $55 NZD

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Please Note; These Treatments are only available for Women!