Animal Healing

The animals in our lives often play a very special role. Especially when it comes to our pets, our companion animals. Besides instinctual, a lot of animals are also highly intuitive and much more in touch with nature and their own bodies than us humans often are. Also, despite of what we often think, animals can feel emotion, even though the range and complexity vary according to the species.

Often, they come to us with a mission. They can act as our “earth angels” and come to teach us, guard us, give us healing or relieve our loneliness or stress for example.

Because of their inherent abilities, they are very apt at adjusting their circumstances like environment and diet for example if this is possible. However, in the case of companion- and farm animals this often depends on the parameters we humans create for them.

If for example the environment is out of balance, or they’ve taken on energies from us, or their diet is insufficient, they could become sick and they might need some help from us to get back into balance.

Arayah offers an Animal Healing Service that can be applied as a hands-on healing in the case of a very docile animal or otherwise a hands-off healing in the close vicinity of the animal or even as a Distance Healing session.

She will work here much the same as in a regular Soul Healing Session with human clients. By connecting with the animal’s field and channeling and directing the energies as guided by her Spirit Guides and the Animal’s Soul. Preferably a telepathic connection with the animal is hereby established, and often when the animal is responsive, information can be relayed between the animal and Arayah.

Often animals visibly relax during a healing session. They might lie down and actively co-operate when they feel the healing energies come through for them. Especially in the case of pets who are not shy and are used to human proximity and handling.

Arayah works with the animal’s energetic field only and is not a trained Veterinarian or Animal Health Worker. She highly advises clients to also seek traditional medical advice for their sick animals to also work on their physical symptoms from that angle. A healing session is not meant to replace conventional Animal Health Care, rather to compliment it and look at animal well-being from a Holistic point of view.

An Animal Healing Session can be done remotely or can take place at the client’s location and costs $110 NZD. A session can take up to 1,5 hours. No call-out fee for sessions in the immediate Kawerau area, otherwise travel costs apply.

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