To inspire you, here are some examples of different Arts & Crafts Items previously created by Arayah.

These are all one-off items, but they can always be re-created in a similar style towards your own personal preferences…

Also make sure to check out our Products Page for Arayah’s most recent creations that are currently for sale!

Fish Dreamcatcher – symbol of Christed Consciousness

Made with Kiwi Vine and natural materials

November 2016

Dreamcatcher in natural tones made from all natural materials

October 2016

Personal Handmade Greeting Card

Text/drawing as per requested or freely channeled

January 2015

Knotted Personal Power Necklace, infused with Rainbow Light and channeled Light Codings

Golden Lemurian Seed with Rainbow Chakra Gems

October 2014

Piwakawaka – Fantail

Made from driftwood and black Kyanite with Paua shell details

October 2014