The Wave

Dearest light brothers and sisters, ❤

Something is building. I’ve been feeling it coming for a few weeks now, have had visions both during waking times as well as in my sleep and confirmations on the outer too. I’d like to tell you about it but cannot possibly guarantee that this is so for us all. As always, I feel we should always be centered in our own Truth and see if this resonates for you first and foremost. But if this is about to unfold, I feel to share this with you so you can perhaps consciously align yourself with your Highest Joy and Peace as we move through this. Read more

This is your final wakeup call

Mother Earth to all her children; “This is your final wake-up call!”


A bit of a heavy topic I’m afraid, but also one with an important message, a message of hope.

I was out and about the other day; enjoying the beautiful weather here in our beautiful country Aotearoa. Such a gorgeous sunny day with a light breeze. A beautiful “blue sky winter’s day”! All the animals were having a happy time playing in the sun, the birds were singing. So good for the soul! I was smelling the clean forest air, hearing the sounds of birds and nature, watching water rushing down a water race, once used in the Kauri logging days, when this valley was still adorned with magnificent Kauri trees.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. It felt peaceful and healing and balanced. Read more